Ian Berry is a young English artist whose international reputation does not stop expanding. He works exclusively with denim although at first sight it looks like a photo or an oil painting. Even closely, the result of the use of multiple layers and variations of tints of this fabric is extraordinary of precision. He achieved scenes of everyday life and numerous portraits. The most famous is the one that he did for the Ayrton Senna institute in São-Paulo. He displayed through Europe (unprecedented in France) and in the United States and has been the object of press articles worldwide.

Maryvonne DEVILLE-GUILLOT (France)

Native of Rennes, graduate of the Beaux-Arts and professor of plastic arts, Maryvonne shows regularly her creations during personal exhibitions and more recently in 2014 with her husband painter and photographer. Maryvonne is an enthusiast of ethnology, garment history and patchwork. She practises the Breton embroidery. Her many travel, particularly with textile theme, in Europe, Africa and in Asia open up new horizons and inspire her work.


Francine FLATTARD (France) 

Francine, trained at the Duperré School, was a professor of Applied Art in the Basque Country. In love with textiles in all their forms, she is however particularly captivated by the Indian embroidery that she knows well.

Creator of Quilt en Sud, she is one of those who fight to promote textile as a means of expression in its own right. She herself uses fabrics that have already lived, drawing on emotions and memories.



Growing up in Los Angeles, California, Sheila showed a determined artistic temperament from childhood and created art as far back as she can remember.

After years of oil, acrylic and watercolor, jewelry making and architectural photography, this was a surprising leap to her current passion for plastic art in quilting. Her preference is for improvised assembly of parts, as well as painting with thickened dye and various aspects of surface design.

Sheila has won multiple awards at major quilt shows, including the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas, the American Quilters Society Show in Paducah, Kentucky, and Road to California.



“The Quilt of the Fugitive”

The quilts described in Tracy Chevalier’s book “The Last Fugitive” were adapted and reworked in different forms by France Patchwork members.

France Patchwork’s mission is to promote textile art in all its forms. From traditional to textile art, from modern quilt to artexture. All textile sensitivities are represented.

   Prix of the jury :  “Quatre quilts pour bagage” – Josette MONNOIS

   Prix of the public: “Chemins de la liberté” – Michèle ROTTENEUR.

Les CARRÉS AFGHANS (Afghanistan)

« Gardens Around The World »

Four hands Achievements, started as a draft by the European person on the theme of gardens. In this first stage, the work is taken to Laghamani (Afghanistan) for the embroiderer to extend and complete it according to her understanding, thanks to the hand embroidery technique. On return, the European finalizes the work. 70 works will be exhibited.


Kris MERAKI (Spain) 

Kris Meraki was born in the Basque Country and has lived in Ireland for many years. She began the adventure of Art by self learning paper making until she discovered the fleece of raw wool, a material that allowed her to express herself.

Kris is inspired by the textures and shapes of nature.

In 2010 she worked on the manufacture and installation of a textile art ensemble for the Killeny Court in Ireland.

In 2013 she went to Beirut to create a textile presentation for a showcase. A floating landscape in felt and silk, inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” was built.

Kris Meraki graduated in Art, Crafts and Design from the Grennan Mill Handicraft School in Ireland.

She has exhibited in Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Estonia and Scotland.

In the future, she hopes to continue creating textile pieces of interest and keep the momentum of her curiosity and fascination for the simple elegance of nature.


Claudia PFEIL (Germany) 

Claudia studied textiles in the 1980s, later became a textile designer and later a quilting and quilting trainer, shop owner and mother. She has become a highly sought-after international trainer because of her lively spirit, endowed with confidence and a totally playful style of teaching. Her current schedule only allows her to do a quilting exhibition a year. From traditional patchwork to breathtaking exhibit pieces, Claudia Pfeil quickly became the instructor to consult on all things related to silk. If her studio in Krefeld, Germany decorated with ribbons is not enough evidence, just talk with Claudia for a few minutes to understand how much she loves to share her passion for quilting with the world. Claudia’s quilts can often be found at exhibitions around the world, including the Houston and Paducah Quilts Festivals. She is also very proud to have been chosen to teach in Houston.



At the 2014 Espelette Pepper Festival, we took some close-up photos on the stalls of the hawkers. They inspired our latest textile art exhibition.

Francine Flattard found the subject original and asked us to present it at Quilt en Sud 2017.

We selected four photos and asked our friends and students to help us carry the project by their participation.



Walking through the aisles of this exhibition, showcasing the many talents of our region, you will witness an explosion of colors.


Prices 2017 – Quilts de l’Adour

BERNINA Price: Work of Joëlle FANLO – « With façade view »


QUILTMANIA Price: Work of Mariluz ROMAN-LE DILY – « Return from Gujarah »

FRANCE PATCHWORK Price: Work of Liliane PETIT – « Millefiore »

QUILT EN SUD Price: Collective work of Foyer St François de Paule – « The card game »

Price of the PUBLIC: Collective work of Foyer St François de Paule – « The card game »


An inescapable exhibition of our biennial show, the Quilts de Légende delight all audiences with monumental works, copies of ancient quilts, made with American fabrics reproducing motifs of the 19th century.



Amish Quilts’ specialist, Jacques Légeret explains: “Our collection is probably unique in the world since most of our quilts come directly – so without intermediaries – from Amish families of the Old Order and Mennonites from Pennsylvania and Indiana ( USA), families we know personally and with whom we live, since 1985, during our many stays in these communities.

Over the years, we have added some remarkable traditional American quilts to our collection.


Pénélope ROGER (France)

Trabouti is a technique that Penelope developed a decade ago and requires a lot of patience. Entirely handmade using backstitching.


Yolanda SÁNCHEZ (Espagne) 

Graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of the Basque Country, with a specialization in exhibition editing obtained at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Until 2004, Yolanda worked as a Curator and Restorer of Historical and Artistic Heritage, Art Regisseur and Exhibition Coordinator for many public and private, national and international institutions.

In 2009, Yolanda begins a new stage and creates “Sedaencolor”, a textile company specializing in textiles, using natural raw materials such as silk and wool.

More recently, she has created a new line; “Ardi-Ko” – the result of a co-creation project between local craftsmen and design professionals – Created from lattes wool and karrantzana typical of the Basque Country.


Maïté TANGUY (France) 

Maïté Tanguy is a textile designer. Born in Brittany in 1945, she graduated from the ANAT / National Workshop of Textile Art (training now integrated into the ENSCI / National School of Industrial Design). For nearly 40 years, she has developed a unique textile language where materials and colors are transcended into creations worthy of real jewels. First settled in a shop-workshop in the Mouffetard district of Paris, she then chose to devote herself to the French couture fabric. Christian Lacroix, Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga, Céline, Proenza Schouler, Stella McCartney, Bouchra Jarrar on several collections or recently for the Swedish brand Acne. Since 2004, she exhibits her pieces of textile art in galleries and specialized events around the world, where she has received many honors and awards.


Françoise TELLIER-LOUMAGNE (France) 

Françoise Tellier-Loumagne deepens plastic expression research in 2D and 3D with materials (often textiles) and various techniques, for multiple applications and objectives and varied (1% in public institutions, exhibitions, publications, decoration of the habitat, events, commercial, festive …) on themes most often inspired by nature.

She diversifies her professional experiences in many areas of the arts applied to fashion, environment, communication, decoration, design.

She now teaches in her studio in Franconville.

She designs and produces books (www.francoise-tellier-loumagne.com) that cater to enthusiasts, especially textile creations.