Ghislaine BERLIER GARCIA (France)

Ghislaine defines her art as great DIY, allowing her to collect textiles, bizarre and disparate objects, until a dialogue develops between the materials generating new emotions in her public.

berliergarcia_lesgrandesquipleurent.jpg berliergarcia_lespetitesquidansent2.jpg berliergarcia_transparence-2.jpg


Martine APAOLAZA (France)

For about twenty years, Martine Apaolaza has taken as a starting point, paintings of old Paris to realize applied rebrodés, evoking the Parisian mythical streets, their shops and their signs. From her life in the countryside, she created at the same time realistic and naive landscapes and sometimes, surrealist tableaux.
martine_apaolaza_la_cremerie_de_montmartre_quilt_en_sud_6.jpg martine_apaolaza_la_place_du_tertre_quilt_en_sud_6.jpg martine_apaolaza_la_cantatrice_est_au_3eme_quilt_en_sud_9.jpg                  



Brigit AUBESO BELL-LLOCH, in spite of her recent discovery of textile art, is already an international artist. She works using figurative patchwork and appliqué, mixed with new techniques, experimenting with new materials without rules or prohibitions, initiating new and innovative work.

brigitte_aubeso0008.jpg brigitte_aubeso0003.jpg brigitte_aubeso0002-2.jpg


Pauline BARNES (England)

I started sewing when I was 6 years old and since then have tried everything that involved needles, threads and fabrics! I owned a fabric shop and was a self-employed dressmaker for many years, but on completion of C&G Patchwork & Quilting, and Machine Embroidery, I gave up dressmaking in favour of quilting. I started to exhibit my work whilst studying a 3-year Design Course and was accepted as a Member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen. I have won many awards over the last 18 years and my work has been exhibited in the UK, the rest of Europe, Canada and USA. I have been teaching textile-related subjects since 1992 and am an Invited Judge for The Quilters Guild of the British Isles.

paulinebarnes_hidden_agenda.jpg paulinebarnes_sognare_venezia.jpg paulinebarnes_urban_landscape.jpg


AFGHAN SQUARES (Europe – Afghanistan)

“Out of the kitchen, jars, bowls and utensils.”
For this new challenge, 130 European women created drafts that were embroidered by Afghan artists and enriched. Then back in Europe the works were completed, each illustrating the theme of cookware, sharing both lifestyles and cultures. This exhibition is the result of a partnership between two associations: Textile-Resonance (France) and Deutsch- Afghanische Initiative (Germany).
image_5_.png image_1_.png image_3_.png
Muriel CAUHAPE (France)

To illustrate her favourite subject “trees”, Muriel paints, tints, “rusts”, deconstructs, heats several materials and vegetal papers together then embroiders using free piqué, enhancing the work, by hand, with pearls and unusual materials.

muriel_cauhape_aupres_de_mon_arbre.jpg muriel_cauhape_cristal_d_hiver.jpg muriel_cauhape_automne_au_canada-2.jpg


CROSSING OCEANS (International)

Jane Rollason is an English artist living in France. In 2013, Jane created an international group called “Crossing Oceans” which incorporates 13 artists in textile art. Each artist has been challenged to create 6 quilts on the topic of nature.



fa_jack1.jpg fa_jack3-2.jpg


– Pat ARCHIBALD (Scotland)

3-aig-astar-journeying.jpg 6-desert-ghosts-web.jpg


– Hilary BEATTIE (England)

br_3_det_2_med.jpg att00004.jpg


– Ineke BERLYN (England)

ineke_berlyn-2.jpg ineke_berlyn_2-2.jpg


– Dijanne CEVAAL (Australia)

dian_cevaal_best-2.jpg dijannes_cross_oceans-2.jpg


– Kay HAERLAND (Australia)

aspects-of-the-glen---looki_125.jpg aspects-of-the-glen---polyp_128.jpg


– Lin HSIN-CHEN (Taïwan)

01_my_french_impressions_i-poppies_in_provence_lin_hsin-chen-2.jpg 05_my_french_impressions_v-backyard_garden_in_villefranche-sur-saone_lin_hsin-chen-2.jpg


– Christiane KÜHR (Germany)

dandelion3web-2.jpg mohn_web-2.jpg


– Irène MAC WILLIAM (Northern Ireland)

3_red_leaf_ivy-2.jpg 4_green_leaf_climber-2.jpg


– Elaine QUEHL (Canada)

elaine_quel.jpg cross_oceans_hosta_001.jpg


– Bergen ROSE (USA)

bae896_c99db62bd39b45dd93828341a76b873b.jpg_srb_p_917_660_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srb.jpg rose_bergen_paix_dans_la_nature-2.jpg


– Jane ROLLASON (England)

cross_oceans_tulips_good_photo-2.jpg rose_pict-2.jpg


– Charlotte YDE (Denmark)

spring-field.jpg winter-field.jpg


Jean DELAFOSSE (France)

Although specialising in high quality weaving, Jean Delafosse quickly directed his artistic talent towards braiding and twisting, curling, macramé, folding and rolling fabrics such as linen, cotton, silk, bonded fibre and even denim from jeans. Celebrated works of art inspired by the harmony and equilibrium of nature.

le_feu_de_la_terre.jpg la_gourmandise.jpg l_orgueil.jpg



Kaffe Fassett is an American textile artist and designer who has been living in Engalnd since 1964. He has inspired many people across the world with his colourful work in fabric, knitting, needlepoint, patchwork, painting and mosaic.

He also creates wallpapers and has designed fabrics for Rowan and for the Westminster Museum in London…

He published many books.

dotty-frames.jpg double-diamond.jpg mirror-squares.jpg



For over 30 years, France Patchwork has promoted Textile Art in all it’s forms by organising contests, exhibitions and publishing a quarterly magasine « LES NOUVELLES DU PATCHWORK ET CREATION TEXTILE »
All our district delegations extend a warm welcome to every person who likes to sew.


A touch of silver catching the eye and here we have a quilt, precious and bright!
A very special selection made exclusively for Quilt en Sud 2015!

_cid_f3cdccbb-bb81-4900-beab-f77d6e8e6d3a.jpg _cid_31712523-4922-4137-82e5-ed872fcd90a3.jpg



Inherited from a centuries-old tradition that has now disappeared, the Kantha embroidery magnified the work of recovered used fabrics, now lives again and perpetuates between the hands of a thousand women from Bengal several traditional or contemporary themes on silks and various weaves. It is an Indian NGO “SHE Foundation” relayed by “SHE France” that supports these artisans.

fr_kantha_005.jpg creation_s.h.e._broderie_catherine_g_m.jpg creation_s.h.e._broderie_chantal_l.jpg

Alongside the Khanta exhibition, Shamlu Dudedja, a grand Lady from Kolkata (also known as Calcutta), has performed a presentation of saris used depending on the circumstances of a social life, according to regional customs or by age…Dozens of different draperies added to our western research to make these 6m of fabric, often made of well- slippery silk.

dsc_0016.jpg dsc_0002.jpg dsc_0015.jpg dsc_0007.jpg dsc_0006.jpg dsc_0005.jpg
Gabrielle PAQUIN (France)

Gabrielle likes to mix the fabrics as much as the colours. She develops an original concept: the double stripe with striped fabrics themselves recombined in bands, from light to dark. The red often punctuates her works.

paquin_clair_obscur_et_rayures.jpg paquin_empreintes_de_rouges.jpg paquin_graffiti.jpg



Since 2000, two Dutch quilters, Jette Clover and Hanny Spierenburg, have created a Master Class “Quilten Speciaal” to initiate passionate for new techniques. Twenty of them are presenting for us their works.

marjolijn_van_wijk_tornbetweentwocities.jpg marjolijn_van_wijk_hartog_flox_den_keeper_of_dreams_100x50cm.jpg marjolijn_van_wijk_hartog_flox_den_mothers_that_came_before_those_yet_to_be_225x75_cm_2.jpg



Traditional quilts inspired by the 19th century.
Quilters brilliantly reinterpret traditional techniques; the selection of antique reproduction fabrics brings authenticity to the quilts.
All quilts are handmade.

billing_coverlet_marie_francoise_gregoire_235x235cm.jpg compas_du_marinier_christine_imbaud_220x220cm.jpg shenandoah_aline_joulin_220x220cm.jpg




France Patchwork Price:

– Jacqueline LEON “Les 4 saisons”

– École A. BRIAND d”ANGLET – Classes CE1/CE2 : “Les jeunes poussent”

Bernina Price:

– Christiane AMSTUTZ : « Tout en courbes »

Quiltmania Price:

– Micheline DELMAERE : « Le regard »

Quilt en Sud Price:

– Valérie St ANDRE : « 1ère rue à gauche »

Vote of the Public :

– Rosine HONDELATTE : « Océan » (n° 29)

Anna TORMA (Canada)

Canadian Hungarian-born artist, who is inspired by illuminated manuscripts, medieval cosmologies of bestiaries but also children’s drawings of monsters and soldiers. Collages and quilts hand embroidered on linen or silk materials.

07torma_camouflage_detail1.jpg 08torma_camouflage_detail2.jpg 05torma_excercise1.jpg


“Diversion, dix versions” Contest

France Patchwork Price: Fanny DOUVIER : « Panique dans l’arène »

Bernina Price: Yvette CAMPOS-KRATZEISEN : « Suganya »

Quiltmania Price: Fanny DOUVIER : « Panique dans l’arène »

Quilt en Sud Price: Christine MAHE : « Hommage à Kénojvak Ashevak : où est l’esquimau »

Vote of the Public : Colette VIROT : « Divertissement » (n° 24)

Textile Game “The Panties”

Vote of the Public :– Cécile MILHAU (n° 21)

Quizz Game


– Anne-Marie JACOT




Christine CABEZA (France)

Patchwork? Textile art? Artist? Artisan? In 2015 the question is no longer there. We mix everything, the materials, the colors, we associate the flowery, the blade, the stripes.
Everywhere, in decoration too. So naturally we will present chairs created by Christine Cabeza, decorator-upholsterer.

img_1518_2.jpg img_1718-r90.jpg


Marianne CRESSON (France)

When Marianne discovers a seat, in the exercise of her occupation of upholsterer, her visual artist’s eye can not help but see a character!

cresson_fauteuil.jpg cresson_chaises.jpg


imgp0021.jpg les_chapeaux_qes_2015_19_.jpg