15 exhibitions

Thread from woman to woman

Around Afghan embroidered squares

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The rope-soled sandal, isn’t that funny ?

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Those corsets

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The Hmongs

Traditional art from Laos and Vietnam

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France Patchwork

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Catherine Bihl

caibi3.jpg catbi6.jpg catbi1.jpg catbi4.jpg catbi2.jpg catbi5.jpg

An idea of the Earth

Exhibition Australia/Japan/France, with the presence of Marie Josée Michel

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Olivia Uffer

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Anne Woringer

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Quilts of Legend

traditional patchworks with the presence of Dominique Husson

leg1.jpg leg6.jpg leg7.jpg leg4.jpg leg3.jpg leg2.jpg

Caroll Lenthall

patchwork contemporáneo, presenta sobre su sitio con su esposo Guyo

cl10.jpg cl1-2.jpg cl9.jpg cl7.jpg cl8.jpg cl6-2.jpg cl5.jpg cl4-2.jpg cl3-2.jpg cl2-2.jpg cl14.jpg cl13.jpg cl12.jpg cl11.jpg

Françoise Marchadier

free cross-stitches

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Selection from the Landes and Pyrénées Atlantiques

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