A little more than 20 years ago, in 1997, the “Quilt en Sud” volunteer association organized its first biennial of textile art. Ten shows have taken place in downtown Saint-Jean-de-Luz and two at the exhibition hall Iraty Biarritz. We were then innovative in France with this concept (textile exhibitions, traders, classes, conferences) which have inspired many since. Despite exhibitions of artists that we strive to maintain at an exceptional level, attendance has unfortunately been steadily decreasing in the face of the multiplicity of events of this kind in France and near our borders in recent years.

Following the last biennials, we have been the subject of some criticisms that we consider unfair and that we wish to share with you:

– the place chosen in Biarritz displeases many but was for us the only choice possible after not having had the opportunity to have access to the various places in town in St Jean de Luz,

– the cost of entry is considered too high when we are below most shows of the same type,

– The same is true for traders, which are difficult to attract with declining attendance despite the fact that booth costs are much lower than other similar events. We must also fight against the competition of purchases on the Internet.

Our goal is to provide the public with the highest quality services with a balanced budget. Unfortunately we are no longer able to continue this way without unsustainable financial losses because we must of course fund the arrival of quality artists, the promotion of the event, the exhibition space with its high expenses and all the furniture necessary. Without a sponsor or public subsidy, this model is only possible with the presence of many traders and a strong attendance.

As a result, in the face of this declining interest from our audience of enthusiasts for this concept getting outdated and our financial limitations, we have felt the need to innovate again. We are currently studying a different concept that we will discuss very soon.

Stay tuned…