Made jointly for the 2017 edition

Quilt en Sud was created in 1996 by a group of friends from France-Patchwork, under the chairmanship of Francine Flattard, to give voice to the textile art of the South.

This south includes the south of France, the south of Europe and the so-called countries of the South whose textile tradition is often millenary.

Quilt en Sud:

About fifteen friends and more than 200 volunteers offering their time, their skills and their smile during our festivals.
Here, they are sincerely thanked because without them, Quilt en Sud would not exist.

Goals of Quilt en Sud :
– to give voice to the South
– to offer you high quality exhibitions
– to support charities
Spirit of Quilt en Sud :
This is why we are all expecting you, and if we cannot guarantee you the sunshine, we guarantee you:

– the pleasure of being together

– exciting artists

– traditional quilting and contemporary textile art

– our region, with a strong and a colorful tradition.

The QUILT en SUD team