Ongi etorri – Welcome

More than 20 years since Quilt en Sud was created.

So many memories, so many nice encounters, so many sincere friendships were formed during these biennials ……

We tried to bounce back from the difficulty in organizing a proper show. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Our team has been so enthusiastic and the project beautiful. Many external factors have made it necessary for us to make a decision, not easily, we admit it.

 So it is with a little sadness that we announce the end of Quilt en Sud.

 Regrets? We don’t have any because we took so much pleasure in trying to offer you a show that looks like us. We wanted warmth, curiosity, exchanges. We hope that you who have given us the friendship of visiting us have felt this atmosphere.

 Here we close our last page.


The Quilt en Sud Team

About Quilt en Sud