Quilt en Sud is originally a story of women who are, passionately and lovingly captivated by fabrics, thread and fashion.

We are pleased and happy to assure you that our Fashion Show will, once again, be one of the highlights of this Tenth Edition.
A show created in our image; gay, joyful, cheerful, colourful mixing genders and ages with technical knowledge.

Thread may be a link between the women of the world and we are sensitive to differences in the ways we both work and live, which is why, for the second part of the show, the challenge is to create clothing including embroideries from Afghanistan created by

What a joy to create, sew and embroider those beautiful, colourful masterpieces and to feel the synergy with those women.

What about the final dress? Yes, there will be a wedding dress, made with white cotton rectangles, embellished by some of our friends during a get-together day; ” shared work and pleasure”.

All models will wear hats to match the clothes, made by

a true and talented artist at Quilt en Sud; do not tell her that hats don’t suit you; she will definitely find a shape and fabric just for you.

Finally, we should not forget that we are in the Basque Country. Why does that matter?

Well! Our cultural tradition obliges that feet be shod in espadrilles. These are created and entirely hand sewn by

using the same fabric as the clothing; Pure luxury…